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Vital Cosmetics series

Silky milk.
Soft skin washing and nourishment. Active complex: betaine, sweet almond milk, apple, peach and apricot extracts, apple vinegar, vitamin E, allantoin. Action: the product is intended for daily skin cleansing. The milk may also be used on eye area and in case of very dry and sensitive skin.

Wakening tonic.
Live moisture and energy for skin cells. Active complex: betaine, lecithin, panthenol, beta-glucan, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage extracts, apple vinegar, glycolic and lactic acid. Action: gently removes the remains of cleansing products and other eventual impurities, restores hydro-lipid balance and natural pH level.

Airy foam.
Washing with pleasure and have perfectly clean skin. Active complex: Ceraphyl RMT (the analogue of skin lipids, prevents dehydration), panthenol, sweet almond milk, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage extracts, apple vinegar. Action: cleansing product with water. Does not contain soap. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Extra tender cream.
Removes make-up from eyes and strengthens eyelashes. Active complex: Isocell care (phospholipid calming and immunity strengthening complex), betaine, panthenol, vitamin E, allantoin. Action: cleansing product for very dry and sensitive facial and neck skin and delicate eyelids make-up removal. The active complex moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens eyelashes.

Instant skin revival and renewal. Active complex: betaine, lecithin, panthenol, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage extracts, apple vinegar, glycolic and lactic acids. Action: the product is intended for deep cleansing and dead cells exfoliation. This is a high performance rejuvenating product.

Antiageing day cream.
Ideal protection and active rejuvenation. Active complex: Proteasil (green peas hydrolysate, improves skin elasticity), Isocell Live (phospholipid moisturizing complex), avocado oil, wheat milk, beta-glucan, vitamins E, C, allantoin. Action: moisturizes skin and protects it from aggressive external factors (ultraviolet rays, polluted air, free radicals), improves elasticity, reduces wrinkle depth.

Antiageing night cream.
Full restoration and visible rejuvenation. Active complex: Matrixil (dermopeptide, restores skin fibroblast and smoothens wrinkles), vitamins F, Е, A, maize, macadamia, wheat germ and yolk oils, Carite butter  allantoin. Action: intensive skin restoration. The cream aids slags and toxines removal, stimulates the generation of new collagen.

Youth serum.
Antiage therapy and skin rejuvenation. Active complex: Isoflavones (soya flavonoids), phospholipids, Carite butter, mamaku extract, grape seed oil, vitamins A, C, Е, DNA, allantoin. Action: this is a highly concentrated product which normalizes the cell functions and protects them from early ageing.

Anti-age eyelid cream.
Intensive wrinkle smoothing at the cellular level. Active complex: phospholipids, Matrixil (dermopeptide, restores skin fibroblast and smoothens wrinkles), Proteasil (green peas hydrolysate, improves skin elasticity), Isocell Live (phospholipid moisturizing complex), Carite butter, vitamins E, A. Action: intensive wrinkle smoothing. Intensive collagen and elastin generation

Open look fluid.
Relieves puffiness and marks of fatigue under eyes.. Active complex: Eyeliss, Isocell Slim (phospholipid stimulating complex), vitamin E, Carite butter, allantoin. Action: high performance product meant to solve the problem of puffiness and marks of fatigue under eyes, protects the eyelids skin from negative environment influence.

Invigorating compress-lifting for eyelids.
Instant skin tonicity and elasticity. Active complex: lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and green tea extracts, apple vinegar, panthenol, DNA, allantoin. Action: reduces puffiness, relieves stress, tones up and moisturizes the eyelids. Has instant lifting effect, smoothens shallow wrinkles.

Rejuvenating cream for lip contour.
Active complex: beeswax, macadamia, maize, wheat germs and grape seed oil, Carite butter, bataine, Isoflavones (soya flavonoids), Maxi-lip (dermopeptide with 3D action: volume, contour, moisturizing effect). Action: correction of ageing changes of the lip contour. Smoothens wrinkle, restores the firm lip contour and natural lip color saturation.

Mask of splendour.
Beautiful face tone and shining skin. Active complex: vitamins F, Е, C, A, macadamia, maize oil, apple, a peach, an apricot extracts, apple vinegar, Carite butter, allantoin. Action: the mask enriches skin with vitamins. Combined with fruit extracts they give a great effect.

Mask of delight.
For skin thirsty for moisture. Active complex: soyabean, macadamia, avocado oil, Carite butter, Isocell Live (phospholipid moisturizing complex), vitamins F, Е, ceramides with buckthorn oil, DNA, collagen amino acids, allantoin. Action: the mask gives the skin extra moisture and nourishment. It also programs the cells to reproduce own moisture. It is recommended for dehydrated, irritated and tired skin.

Mask of modelling.
Ideal face oval and  skin elasticity. Active complex: kelp and fucus extracts, sea plankton, sea DNA, panthenol, lecithin, allantoin. Action: based on natural sea products, the mask provides biologic skin lifting. The mask reduces wrinkle depth, prevents slack skin, improves face oval.

S.O.S. cream.
Urgent aid for dehydrated skin. Active complex: phospholipids Isocell care (phospholipid calming and immunity strengthening complex), ceramides with buckthorn oil, Isoflavones (soya flavonoids), milk thistle oil, macadamia oil, vitamins F, Е. Action: the products provides urgent aid to dehydrated and irritated skin. The product saturates the skin with moisture, calms itch and relieves redness and tightness.

Lip balm Anti Cold Sore.
Active complex: beeswax, maize oil, macadamia oil, Carite butter, betaine, natrium foscarnet. Action: the balm is efficient as prevention against cold sore (herpes). The product has immunity strengthening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.


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